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Jo Jo/Specs established relationship high school modern au under the cut!!

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irritated bc i wanna spell jo jo like jojo except it’s not jojo it’s jo jo 

i kept doing that today and then when i finished writing i ctrl+f’d it and ended up having to change  all 57 times i did it at once it’s such a struggle

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do u ever look at someone’s characterization of one of ur faves and just sit there offended on behalf of the character

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reading some A+ fanfiction right now


reading some A+ fanfiction right now

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My anaconda don’t. 

My anaconda don’t.

My anaconda don’t want none. At all. I am an asexual

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I don’t like to curse on social media but HOLY SHIT OMGOMGKMG


I don’t like to curse on social media but HOLY SHIT OMGOMGKMG

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so obviously specs is asexual and romeo is demisexual

but romeo thought he was asexual for a long time but then a while after he and specs started dating he starts being sexually attracted to specs but doesn’t say anything about it for a long time

he eventually tells specs and makes sure to add that he doesn’t want to force specs into doing anything he doesn’t want to do because he knows specs is relatively repulsed

specs is just glad romeo told him and despite being pretty repulsed still wants to make romeo happy

so they have sex once and it’s a very uncomfortable and unenthusiastic occasion for both of them and after a few minutes romeo calls it off because specs seems so uncomfortable.specs apologizes profusely to romeo for disappointing him and because he can’t make him happy in every way romeo wants. romeo responds and says that specs could never disappoint and reminds him that he doesn’t want to make specs do anything he’s uncomfortable with and anyway romeo says he’s perfectly fine giving up sex forever if it means he gets to continue dating specs and anyway he doesn’t have a super high sex drive or anything so it’s not an issue. 

specs doesn’t count that one time they tried having sex and still considers himself a virgin and people ask him tons of annoying questions about why hes still a virgin and why the two of them arent having sex and romeo defends specs constantly

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Romeo goes over to Specs’ apartment while he’s at school to surprise him with a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies, since specs likes those the best.

Romeo messes up the recipe a lot and pours the failed batter down the drain (? you could have used the trashcan, smartypants)

Romeo is upset about the fact that his surprise is ruined and goes back to the lodging house and sulks a lot.

Specs come back to his apartment after a tiring day in school and sees the cookie batter in the sink (Romeo didn’t really clean up after himself, obviously) and guesses what happened. The chef that he is, Specs whips up some batter quickly and places a new batch of perfect chocolate chip cookies into the oven.

Romeo decides he misses Specs way too much after not seeing him since breakfast that morning and heads back to specs’ apartment. When he comes inside there is a tray of warm chocolate chip cookies sitting on the counter. They smell delicious. Romeo is really confused.

Specs walks in the front door just then (he was hiding in a bush in front of his house what a nerd) and sees the cookies on the counter and pretends to be really shocked, but starts giggling. “What? Romeo, did you make these for me? They look heavenly!” Romeo just stares at him. Specs winks back. 

Romeo flings his arms around Specs’ neck (he has to stand on his tippy toes to reach such a high point) and kisses him sweetly. “I hope you liked your surprise,” he says playfully.

Specs grabs a jug of milk from the fridge to drink with their cookies.

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fellas to my left…honeys on my right…folks who don’t fit into the gender binary levitate above me in cool poses…

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